Presentations by Dottie Szypulski

“Another Way to Pray”

Overview – In 2001 Dottie experienced what she describes as a powerful HolyFlying With Angels Spirit moment.  “I was overcome by an urge to stop what I was doing to go use my gifts to help someone.”  In a few short days, she made a quilt, which she carried throughout her community seeking signatures and messages of hope.   She then gave it to a very ill friend.  This began a life-changing and life-fulfilling ministry.  With a sense of humor and a positive delivery, Dottie shares her journey from a life of feeling inadequate to a life of giving, and about the overflowing gifts that have poured back to her.

This presentation is 90 to 120 minutes in length, but can be adjusted to suit your needs. The talk includes inspirational and uplifting stories about the recipients of Dottie’s quilts, encouragement to discover one’s special gifts and put them to work, recognition of how affirming others, as well as oneself, is very powerful, discernment on listening to and following the Holy Spirit, and guidance to help someone you care about realize the value of his/her life.  The presentation also includes a power-point slide show, as well as, many handmade quilts available for participants to view and touch.


“God Gave you a Power!” – for Adults

Senior Housing Presentation

Senior Housing Presentation

Overview – As the author of the children’s book, God Gave you a Power!, Dottie shares the story of how she came to write this book.  She explains the inspiration which triggered the idea and describes the hurdles she needed to overcome to reach her goal of publishing this important message.  Now she is on a mission to reach as many children as possible to let them know, they each have a Power to do God’s work.

This presentation is about 60 minutes long, but can be adjusted to suit your needs.  It’s perfect for a women’s guild gathering or a senior housing program.  Signed books will be available for sale.


“God Gave you a Power!” – for children

There are few things Dottie enjoys more than spending time with children. When

Reading God Gave you a Power!

Reading God Gave you a Power!

presenting to children, usually in a classroom setting, she reads God Gave you a Power! to them, which triggers a conversation.  With guidance from both Dottie and the classroom teacher, the children are invited to share their favorite things to do and how each would like to use that favorite thing when he or she is grown.  The purpose of this presentation is to help children see a future for themselves.  If children have a focus, they are less likely to be distracted by negative influences which inevitably come their way.  This presentation is 30 to 60 minutes long, but can be adjusted to suit classroom needs.


“Overcoming the Fear of Doing Better”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Overview – This is not about “being.”  It’s about “doing.”  Being is enough for God.  He calls on us to be many things — good, respectful, positive, helpful, giving, honest, prayerful — but even if we can’t always be these things, He still loves us.  Doing is something else.  Doing is serving and it’s a way we can show God our love for Him.  Doing our best is also a way to love our self, which is another way to love God.

As someone who struggled with low self-esteem for many years, Dottie shares valuable insight, as well as, creative techniques to knock down walls and push forward to reach those goals very much in our grasp.   This presentation is about 45 minutes long allowing for 15 minutes for questions and discussion.  This motivational talk is designed for teens and adults.


For more information about topics and fees, please contact:   sewwrite724@charter.net


2 Responses to Speaker

  1. Linda Lawrence says:

    Attended Dottie’s presentation at Our Lady of Calvary last week…. what a wonderful experience!! I drove home that night feeling like I had just indulged in a mini-retreat myself. Her presentation was lively, amusing, insightful, touching, and inspiring. I am not a quilter and do not have the desire or talent to become one, but I sure admire and appreciate the beautiful art that it is! Dottie reminded me (and affirmed in me) that I do have creative gifts and that I can deepen my relationship with God and express my faith in other creative ways (ie:writing notes to friends, even organizing my spice cupboard!) And I loved the beautiful hand meditation we did!! Thank you, Dottie, for sharing your story. May God continue to bless you in your ministry.


  2. Deborah Crowell says:

    In response to Dottie’s “Another Way to Pray” presentation, I would like to say that I am one of the honored person’s who was a blessed recipient of a precious quilt made by Dottie. It was created and beautifully made with all my personal favorite things. The carefully picked butterfly fabric, was boasting with bright colors and it had the perfect quote that filled me with hope, faith and love. I could see the expertise of her intricate stitching and I was encouraged by the signatures of many that were praying for me in my time of uncertainty. She was instrumental in this gift that was given to me and I will forever be touched by the love it warmed my heart with. I felt as if I was wrapped in God’s love and warm embrace whether gazing upon it or feeling it touch my body. It continues to remind me of the gift’s God has given to many and how they are able to use them to serve in faith and love to others. In her talk, Dottie shares her journey of how she got inspired to use her gifts, how she has emerged by using them and how she will continue to listen to God’s voice in her ministry of quilting. She has a great sense of humor (we can all use more of that) and is the best story teller ever!!! She is fun, energetic and entertaining. When she speaks she warms your heart with love and joy as she demonstrates her life experiences by sharing her journey with you. Anyone who has the privilege to hear her speak will be forever changed and inspired. Thank you Dottie. May God always bless you and the gift you are to others.


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