Prayer Quilts



For the last fifteen years or so, I have been closely associated with Trinita of New Hartford, Connecticut. Trinita is a Catholic retreat center run by the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity. It is predominately set up for offering inner-city families a quiet, country respite from their chaotic urban lives. I mostly work with a group of local women who gather regularly for prayer and reflection during Mornings Of Meditation, a.k.a. the MOMs!  

In 2001, one of our “MOMs” was diagnosed with liver cancer. It was sudden and shocking. I felt helpless to do anything that was useful. In the midst of my fear for her, an idea popped into my head. I decided to make her a quilt that friends and family could sign. In the course of making the quilt and subsequently taking it around to acquire signatures, I walked an unforgettable and deeply moving journey. I discovered how much my friend touched others and how deeply she was loved by our community. I also observed a great deal of gratitude by all those I encountered. They were very comforted by what the quilt offered – a means to express their feelings about their friend.

Soon after the first quilt, I was asked to create another and then more followed. The demand became too overwhelming for me to handle alone, so I did what I had so often done in the past when confronted with overwhelming tasks. I called on the MOMs. Though only one other MOM sews, all of the others want to be involved in what we have come to experience as a very spiritual process. They press, clip, draw lines, make coffee, provide lunch, etc.  This is how Prayer Quilts came to be. 
 At a time when a devastating diagnosis can make every minute a struggle to get through, a Prayer Quilt offers tremendous comfort.  It is not only warm and cozy, but it is filled with messages of hope for the future, affirmations of life and prayers for strength.  I have been privileged to witness many beautiful and uplifting moments because of these quilts.






One Response to Prayer Quilts

  1. Ted says:

    I’ll never forget that Ed passed away wrapped in the warmth of your quilt with the messages of so many of his friends written on it.


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