Background – Dottie Szypulski and her husband, Ted, live in northwestern Connecticut.  They have been married since 1977 and have two beautiful, grown daughters, Laura and Robin

Writer – In 1983, Dottie decided to be a full-time mom and a part-time writer just prior to the birth of her first child.  Having been one of the first in her small community to acquire a home computer, she wrote numerous resumes, grants, press releases, newsletters and brochures both as a business proprietor and as a volunteer for local organizations.  In 1998, frustrations over poor news coverage of town events led her to apply for a position as a local correspondent  at one of the town’s newspapers.  Over the next few years, she was regularly sought out for her committment to cover all sides of debates and for her unwavering allegiance to thoroughly research every topic she covered.

Quilter – In 1993, quilting caught Dottie’s attention.  While raising children, caring for a home, writing regularly and maintaining a happy marriage, she found ways (usually by skipping sleep) to sneak in a quilting class to learn the techniques .  “From designing to completion, quilting is a passion that fills every aspect of my creative nature.”

Blog Goal – “It is my hope to share the spiritual experience of quilting.  Contrary to popular belief, quilting is not just randomly sewing fabrics together.  It is a journey much like walking down a cobblestone path on a crisp New England autumn day. In my studio I am surrounded by textures and colors while my mind is infiltrated with purpose, memories, hopes, dreams and prayer.  While creating, I use all of my senses — eyeing just the right color, feeling the different textures, hearing God’s voice, smelling the unique sewing machine oil, and, most importantly, tasting the heavenly gourmet coffee, always within my grasp.  It’s much like taking that walk without burning all the calories!”



2 Responses to About

  1. Linda Moore says:

    Hi Dottie:

    I LOVE your blog that Judy forwarded to me. Especially loved seeing the airplane from Ed’s quilt at the end. So many people commented on that quilt when Judy used it in the hospital to keep him warm. Will you be attending the jewelry party on Sunday, November 7th. Hope to see you. Lindy


  2. Kym Higgins says:

    Dear Dottie
    I feel that God has given me a gift while I read your Blogs. I especially liked the November 2010 blogs.What a blessing to have run into you today at the hairdressers. I look forward to reading more when time allows. Kym Higgins


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